Modern Hair Nails - They messed up my kids haircuts!! They start scholl tomorrow!!

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My 2 sons start school on wednesday(in 2 days), and I took them to get them to get hair-cuts. We went to "Modern Hair&Nails" down the street from our neighborhood in West Sacramento.The ladies that cut my kids hair did it in a hurry while talking in another language to eachother. I noticed my first son's haircut wasn't cut right. When I asked her to fix it she kept blaming HER mistake on something else. *** me off even more the other lady that was cutting my older son's hair messed his hair up even more. I dont think I should've paid them for *** service, but being the kind of GOOD person I am I did. The more I think about it I think they should have their hair cutting license taken away!! I should be refunded for my money!!Where can I go or who can help me get my money back OR a coupon for a FREE hair-cut somewhere else??!! Contact me @ 0r (916) 459-5719. My name is Valerie Avalos

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I start school tomorrow too and my stylist totally f***ed up my haircut and i tipped her but now i feel *** for doing so. I'm not sure if i should go back to the hair salon and have a different stylist do my hair before they close or just leave it as is. :sigh :(


Maybe you should go to "scholl" with them and learn how to spell. Maybe you should spend more than 5 bucks for your kid's haircut.

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